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About Us

Our primary expertise focuses on current, contemporary and nationally accepted police tactics, policies and procedures.

We partner with private business, government and law enforcement agencies at the state, county and municipal levels. We know that even when you've done everything right, the specter of litigation is always on the horizon. Our professionals understand that optics and politics can drive the narrative of a critical incident, but more importantly, we know how to explain the complexities of these events to the untrained observer. 

Having letters after your name is nice—we have those too—but true expertise lies in current training and experience. We know what the books say. We’ve read them. We also know what happens when theory collides with reality—wisdom is born. That’s what sets us apart. Our professionals understand the theories and we’ve tested them in contemporary operational environments. We have been there and seen the outcomes—both good and bad. We have the wisdom. Let us share it with you.

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