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Kirkland Police Department

Providing consultation and expert review in police arrest tactics, techniques, criminal procedure and use of force.

Lakewood Police Department

Use of force policy review and expert consulting

Pierce County Sheriff's Office

Providing expert review and litigation strategies on patrol investigation, arrest tactics and criminal procedure.

Port of Seattle Police Department

Providing hearing examiner services in complex asset forfeiture litigation.

Leadership and training strategies for police training officers.

Spokane Police Department

Expert review and litigation consulting on critical incident and officer involved shooting.

Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Critical incident review, litigation consulting and subject matter expert review on officer involved shooting, police policy review and wrongful death litigation.

City of Bothell, WA

Providing Hearing Examiner, narcotics and felony forfeiture review in complex asset forfeiture.

City of Lynnwood, WA

Litigation consulting and subject matter expert review services in police procedures, investigations, tactics and techniques.

Keating, Bucklin and McCormack, LLC

Litigation consulting and expert review services in police procedures, tactics and techniques.

Corr Cronin, LLP

Provided subject matter expert review of police patrol procedures in domestic violence homicide investigation.

King County Prosecutor's Office

Continuing legal training on officer-involved critical incidents, stress and decision-making and human performance under stress.


Litigation and expert review services.

Pierce County Prosecutor's Office

Use of force review, policy and operating procedure review, litigation consulting in wrongful death litigation.

Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Continuing legal education training on use of force events, physiological responses to stress and decision-making in officer-involved critical incidents.

Washington State Tactical Officer's Association

Basic and advanced instruction and training to entry-level and experienced SWAT and tactical officers.

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